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Applied Chemical Works is a company focused on Chemistry domains. One of the main activity is the production and engineering of nanomaterials.

The company exploits its material science engineering competences and the proprietary process of in situ nanoparticles formation driven by light irradiation



ACW started a new line of nanomaterial products with the brand NANOSPHAERA (

An outstanding ability in combining a strong capacity in industrialization and manufacturing with the technology development expertise applied to nanostructured systems makes NANOSPHAERA’s products a reality with a strong innovation potential and reliable and high-quality


- Metal Nanoparticles in solution (Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Nickel, Cobalt)

- Metal Nanoparticles coated polymeric microbeads

- Metal Nanoparticles decorated surfaces (membranes, plastic and glass slides, paper)

- Metal Nanoparticles coated inorganic powder (titania, ceria, silica, etc)

Applied Chemical works (thanks to its branch NANOSPHAERA) is capable to provide fine materials nano-fuctionalization (hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces) for innovative applications.

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